Booking + Payment

Classes with Rave Yoga are booked individually with each client after initial consultation. Clients have the ability to book classes on an event-basis as well as regularly scheduled. Intervals of classes and invoicing will be individually contracted between the client and Rave Yoga.

Courses, Events + Workshops

RAVE Yoga offers a variety of modules to business customers. The classes are carried out by certified Yoga teachers. Depending on the type of agreement, RAVE provides an opportunity to rent and buy necessary equipment such as yoga mats + blocks. RAVE teachers work on a previously agreed time frame and do not have the ability to delay or extend classes.


The client has the opportunity to cancel a scheduled class up until 3 days prior to the date, and will otherwise be charged.

In case RAVE Yoga cancels or requests to reschedule due to sickness or other unforeseeable events, we kindly ask the client to schedule a new date and time. If cancellation occurs within 72 hours prior, RAVE Yoga may offer a discount on a rescheduled class. 


RAVE Yoga is in no way liable for any injuries that may occur during practice, whether within an office space or other. Further, RAVE Yoga carries no liability for any damages occuring to the practice space. With participation in a RAVE Yoga class, the individual confirms that they are in well physical and mental shape to do so.

All RAVE Yoga teachers are incentivized to provide a safe mental and physical journey.


Photo and video material may be recorded during RAVE sessions. Please inform a RAVE teacher in case you do not feel comfortable with this.


RAVE aims to partner with selected businesses which share similar values and may add to the wellbeing experience provided. Products and services of our partners may be offered in conjunction with RAVE. 

Our rights

RAVE Yoga reserves the right to withdraw from agreements and refuse participants in case of any unsafe behaviour.